Croatia’s hidden gems: Rainforests & Yugoslav monuments – hiking through Peter’s mountain

Yugoslav monuments, socialist architecture, brutalist buildings, or Spomeniks (Serbo-Croatian word for the monument) have made a comeback. More and more people want to see these out-of-the-world, UFO-like pieces of art created by vanguard artists of their time. Hidden in nature, forgotten by the state and often devastated, these grandiose storytellers still resist the time with a defiant attitude.

Sorry for the Kung-flu: Corona & racism

Today's smoldering anti-Asian sentiment is bred on distrust and disgust with so-called ''wet markets'' and unhygienic conditions that life in China and the Far East is usually associated with but covered up by the mystic authoritarian communist government. Even though scientists are trying to find the exact cause of the problem, these attempts are covered with blankets of media's created repulsion with Chinese ''culture'', supported by already mentioned videos and rumors.

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