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Lidija Culo

Tour guide – to make your journey lovely

Travel writer – to make you feel like on a lovely journey

Born in 1990 in Vojvodina, Serbia. Sure, not the best time to arrive on the ex-YU scene. Due to the explosion of neighborly love that took form in the so-called Homeland war, my Croatian family moved to Zagreb, Croatia in 1994. This is where I graduated and started my job as a tourist guide for the ever-increasing number of travelers around this intriguing, passionate, beautiful place: my home – the Balkans.

Even though my work requires a more ”mainstream” approach in tourism, I always like to take a look on ”the other” side of postcard attractions and see the people, their ways, mentality, thoughts, politics, language, jokes, to feel the vibe of a place.

From the moment I was ”legal” to, aka turned 18, I sat on a plane and headed for Cuba. After Cuba came bedouin festivals in Africa, demonstrations in Greece, football world cup in Russia, volunteering in Palestine… It was all traveling and travel writing (and yet, I claim that travel influencers are a bad influence :)). This resulted in my travel diaries and essays here – most of them were published in Croatian media and are now translated to English.


I started my tourism path in a lovely old fashioned souvenir shop in the heart of Zagreb, the Stone gate, where I worked as a student. It’s been years but I still get sentimental thinking about those days: reading and drinking coffee on lazy summer afternoons when city life stops and only a few lost tourists enter the shop. I enjoyed meeting new people every day and what started as casual sightseeing or drinks with many of them after work, turned into long friendships and a job that I love so much.

If you too are in the need of a licensed local guide for Zagreb sightseeing or a tour leader around Croatia/Balkans/Mediterranean, feel free to contact me at lidijatomislav@gmail.com

Let me know what your interests are – I will help you make the best of your vacation and show you why Croatia/Balkans is a good idea.

And yes, I still have my high school e-mail address.

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