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Latest News| Jan 25, 2022

RAINN Report Examines the State of Post-Rape Care in Six African Nations

Washington, D.C. – A sobering new report from RAINN looks at the state of sexual violence and post-rape care in six Af...

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Latest News | April 19, 2022
Non-Profit Expert and Civic Leader on Hope and Self-love

Sophia Shaw is co-founder and managing partner of Acorn Advisors LLC and leads the firm's work with nonprofit clients.

Latest News | April 19, 2022
Tracy's Story

Tracy Green is a survivor of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse (rape). 

Latest News | April 19, 2022
A Huge Thank You to Our Volunteers this Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Volunteer Appreciation Week takes place during the third week of April and it is an opportunity to thank all of our wonderful volunteers at RAINN.

Latest News | April 19, 2022
Congress Passes Violence Against Women Act, Other Crucial Legislation to Support Survivors

President Biden has signed into law the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2022 (VAWA), critical bipartisan legislation to ensure legal protections for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence

Latest News | April 19, 2022
Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month

SAAPM Preview - Rainn Day Planning    


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