Kelly’s Story

Kelly Wallace is a member of RAINN’s Speakers Bureau, a co-host of the upcoming podcast Voices of Survivors, and a survivor of incest.

Kelly first disclosed the abuse when she was 8-years-old. She told her mom what was happening between her and her grandfather. Her mom reacted in a way that was supportive by telling her that she believed her and that she had sensed something might be up.

Tracy's Story

Tracy Green is a survivor of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse (rape). Today Tracy serves as the state representative of Texas for the Peer Leadership Council of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is a member of RAINN’s Speakers Bureau. She has a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in human services. She is happily married to her husband of 38+ years and they have two adult children and four grandchildren.

Keith's Story

Keith Addison Tyler is a creative writer and music director, a survivor of sadistic childhood sexual abuse, and an advocate for male survivors.

Keith and his sister were abused by their father and their father’s friend. Over the past decade, Keith has served the survivor community as a moderator to a male survivor Internet forum and a co-facilitator of a peer-led survivor support group for men. He is also a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau.

L’Tomay’s Story

L’Tomay is an educator, social worker, substance abuse counselor, consultant, coach, and survivor of child sexual abuse.

L’Tomay first disclosed her abuse in a restorative justice circle for healing. She was nervous at first since her own family members didn’t believe her. She felt validated in the circle for the first time in her life since she always looked at herself as if she was missing something, and at times, not feeling like she fit in.

Kaitlyn’s Story

Kaitlyn Urenda is a mother, a high school coach, a swimmer, and a survivor of child sexual abuse.

Kaitlyn was 14 years old when she was sexually assaulted by an employee at her high school who also happened to be a gymnastics coach. During the time of the abuse, Kaitlyn became pregnant by her perpetrator. She later disclosed this to her school officials, after her graduation, and he was fired. The perpetrator was then re-hired at her school even though the school district authorities were aware that he had sexually abused her.

Bobbie’s Story

Bobbie Becerra is an author, storyteller, speaker, and a survivor of child sexual abuse (CSA).

Bobbie grew up in a strange world. Abuse was a regular occurrence. It was like an open secret – something known but not directly dealt with – and often explained as “just the way it is.”

Bobbie was in her teens when she first heard a therapist actually call what was happening to her “abuse.” According to Bobbie, it was hard to hear. She didn’t want that word used in association with her mother.

Jerome’s Story

Jerome Whitehead is an author, husband, and survivor of multiple childhood sexual assaults. “When you’re groomed, you’re taught to keep secrets. You don’t even realize that you’re being groomed to keep secrets.”

Nelson’s Story

Nelson Hincapie is a husband, father, Colombian-American, and president and CEO of the Voices For Children Foundation. He is also a survivor of child sexual abuse. “I don’t think it’s talked about at all. I think that for heterosexual men to be abused in their childhood by adult males it is a source of great shame and deep wounds."

Kaylee’s Story

Kaylee Conway was sexually abused by an extended family member. As with most children experiencing sexual abuse, she didn’t have the words to understand what was happening at the time. “To me, there was always this elephant in the room. I wanted to talk about it, but didn’t know how. I thought that because they didn’t ask, they didn’t want to talk about it. I blamed a lot of my extended family members for not bringing it up, but I wasn’t ready for that conversation either.”